Message from the CEO

rod webAt SWS Federal Credit Union, we take great pride in helping our members achieve their individual financial goals in a safe and sound environment. Our success in realizing this mission is due to a three-pronged focus:

  1. IT Security: Because today’s most dangerous bank robbers carry computers instead of guns a major challenge is to position the appropriate defense. Cybersecurity strategies, training and support is a major effort at our credit union.

  2. Compliance: Banks and credit unions are one of the most highly regulated industries in the world and for good reason. The dramatic and rapid increase in complexity, technology, and potential abuse demand that our credit union adhere to strict compliance with professionalism, discipline, and efficiency.

  3. Relationship: At SWSFCU we think of our members as family, friend, neighbour, and even owner. It is our goal to always treat members as individuals deserving dignity and respect. They are individuals, not numbers, and so we want to deliver products and services that are responsive to individual needs. It is a goal to accommodate every request and sometimes come up with creative solutions as a result. Be assured that if we cannot approve all loans, we will give it more consideration than anywhere else and try to propose a course that is best for the individual. We are committed to operating in a safe, sound, and ethical manner to protect our member’s funds. At SWSFCU we feel strongly that we are in a relationship business where the credit union mantra "People Helping People" is not an empty promise. It is our reason for being.

We are proud of our 70 plus year heritage and despite the challenges faced recently by financial markets our credit union has done well and continues to implement changes to benefit our members.

Rod Garza
President & CEO

SWS Federal Credit Union
1700 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553

Routing & Transit Number: 321173218