CU Advantage

Credit Union members enjoy a distinct financial advantage because they’re also the proud owners! Compare us to other types of financial institutions and you’ll quickly notice that our loan and savings rates are superior and that our fees for services are few and fair. You’ll also experience greater levels of professional, courteous and helpful service from our knowledgeable Member Service Representatives.

Such high quality and competitive services are a result of our being a not-for-profit financial cooperative, set apart by our philosophy of “people helping people.” In other words we are about relationship, not chasing profit to pay stockholder dividends.

Principles of a financial cooperative

  • Ownership. We are owned by our members; there is no one person or organization that owns us.
  • Not for Profit. Since there are no outside shareholders the income that remains, after reserves and operating expenses, are returned to members by way of higher dividends and lower loan rates.
  • Equality. Every adult member gets an equal vote regardless of their financial status.
  • Representation. Members elect the credit union’s volunteer Board of Directors from among their member peers. Did I mention that they do not receive payment for their dedicated service?
  • Oversight. The credit union’s elected officials ensure financial safety of the organization and maintain the best interests of the membership.


  • Service. With our member-owners at the top of the organizational chart, you can expect to be treated with utmost care. Credit unions continually rate higher than banks and other types of financial institutions when it comes to consumer satisfaction.
  • Community. The credit union philosophy of people helping people makes us an important resource for those who might otherwise go un-served, ultimately helping the community around us.
  • Security. Credit unions rank the lowest in financial difficulties among all financial institutions because of their financially conservative policies, as well as their backing by the unparalleled strength of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

It is no accident that the Credit Union Act, which officially created the credit union movement in America, was signed in 1934 – in the middle of the Great Depression. People were hurting financially and needed a miracle.

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